TrimThin X700 Vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue And White Capsules Alternative

TrimThin X700 Vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue – Which Is A Better Weight Loss Tool?

Free Phen Blue Capsules Sample BottleUnavailability of Phentermine for weight loss medication has left a big void in the weight loss market. To fill the gap weight loss pills like Phentermine Blue have been introduced into the market. Prescription weight loss medication vs slimming products similar to Phentermine Adipex – Which will win?

Natural supplements will win on the grounds of safety, affordability and easy access etc. TrimThin X700 and PhenBlue diet pills are among the leading natural medicines for weight loss. TrimThin X700 vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue – Which is a better weight loss tool?

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Compare PhenBlue vs TrimThin X700 Products

They are Intechra Health’s all natural fat burning supplements, metabolism boosters and energy intensifiers. The company is very particular in using quality ingredients in cGMP certified labs to manufacture their over the counter diet pills similar to Phentermine pills. It is needless to say that TrimThin X700 and PhenBlue – Clear Blue Capsules are unfailing oral dietary supplementation products. However, one may have a slight advantage over the other. Which is advantageous and why?


The table of comparison in Intechra Health site has revealed the similarities and differences between them. What are they?

Overall rating – TrimThin X700 has been rated with 5 stars. PhenBlue has been rated with 4.5 stars.

Speed of results – TrimThin X700 and PhenBlue get 5 stars each

Safety – Again both products get 5 stars.

Effectiveness – Trim Thin X700 gets 5 stars whereas Phen Blue capsules gets 4 stars

Value for money – TrimThin X700 gets 5 stars and PhenBlue is given 4 stars.

The ratings of TrimThin X700 are better than that of PhenBlue diet pills like Phentermine Blue.

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Fat burning – They are good pills to burn fat.

As a fat burner, TrimThin X700 burns fat all day long.

As a fat burner, PhenBlue blocks and binds fat – fat blocking formula.

Energy Boosting

TrimThin X 700 gives all day energy whereas PhenBlue gives immediate energy boost.


TrimThin X700 and PhenBlue natural alternative for Phentermine Blue tablets have one ingredient in common and it is caffeine anhydrous.

What are the other ingredients of PhenBlue fat blocking formula?

Other ingredients are

  • 5-HTP to prevent emotional eating
  • 7*Keto DHEA for thermogenesis and fat burn
  • EGCG for improvement in overall health and increased thermogenesis
  • Forskolin for lean muscle building

What are other TrimThin X700 ingredients?

TrimThin ingredients include

  • DMAE to uplift mood
  • Linoleic acid to decrease fat in the mid region
  • Green tea leaf extract to burn fat and increase thermogenesis
  • Green coffee bean to improve energy and prevent fat storage
  • Xanthinol nicotinate to break down fat cells
  • Ginseng root to increase energy and stress

What are other similarities in TrimThin X700 vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue alternative slimming pills?

Clinically proven ingredients, appetite suppression and pharmaceutical grade – Both of them have clinically proven ingredients. They are pharmaceutical graded products and they give maximum appetite suppressing qualities. There are no differences in these properties.

Do they have side effects?

PhenBlue side effects and TrimThin X700 are not very serious. They don’t cause any side effects if you take the drugs as directed and if you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients.

They are not prescription weight loss medication. They are over the counter diet pills for men and for women as well. They are not weight loss pills like Phentermine Blue.


PhenBlue reviews and TrimThin X700 reviews are positive.

Does it work?

Does PhenBlue work? Does TrimThin X700 work? Yes, both of them really work.

What are the other significant differences?

The price of PhenBlue is $43 approximately which is $4 more than TrimThin X700 price. A difference of $4 is not very high but it has been proven that TrimThin X700 is better because of better rating for effectiveness and value. Paying lower price for a better all natural fat burning supplements product is really beneficial. I am sure you will agree with this undeniable fact.

PhenBlue versus TrimThin X700 review – A FINAL Note

TrimThin X700 vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue Capsules – It is clear that TrimThin X 700 is a better and more effective Phentermine alternative weight loss tool. Are you still skeptical? I am sure your doubts are cleared. Where is the best place to buy from? Place your order in the official ‘Intechra Health’ website. Avoid buying from other sites to avoid buying fraudulent products and higher price. Buy now. If not now, then when?

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TrimThin x700 vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue Capsules Review – compare TrimThin and PhenBlue weight loss Phentermine Blue alternative pills to burn fat fast before you buy over the counter diet pills similar to Phentermine specks! Top OTC dieting supplements side effects, slimming products rating, price, customer reviews and testimonials, real results, main active ingredients and more

TrimThin X700 vs PhenBlue Phentermine Blue Review

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